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We focus on design, engineering and implementation of hydrocarbons combustion refinement since 1982. Company was established in Bergen, Norway, later transferred to Oslo. In 2017 production and operational activity was transferred to Poland, where production under Norwegian license is run in the new factory .
Chemical catalysts are and have always been our core business. Our experience led us to develop most effective and complete solutions in the fields of fuel treatment and combustion improvement.
Official distributor MERGI products is RENERGY,
company from Poland.


Our products performance is periodically checked by renowned institutions, including DNV, MARINTEK, Fueltech, Stettin Maritime Academy. Our catalyst has also been approved by Wartsila engine manufacturer, for use with two- and four-stroke engines.

We always seek possibilities of measuring MERGI effectiveness in real-time working conditions. Performance improvement, observed by our customers during their normal operations is most rewarding for us.


We have developed several measuring methods, which our customers may use to observe effects of MERGI. Every optimization is preceded by an analysis of specific technical conditions and method is chosen based on customers goals and feasibility. We use measuring devices of renown manufacturers i.a. MRU, RBR ECOM, Bacharach, Kuppers Elektromechanik GmbH.

Since 2019 we represent MAEM company, manufacturer of spare parts for purifiers:

 Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators Plug and play separators reconditioned separator bowls

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF) and Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV)

Complete brazed plate heat exchangers Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) is the primary organic fuel combustion catalyst.

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