The primary organic catalyst MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) must be dosed at specific criteria in order to obtain the best results. All designed and assembled by Us industrial fuel treatment systems are fitted with a special dosing unit responsible for the ratio in which MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) is added to the fuel. For individual users who want to use our products the special dispenser that allow easily add the primary organic catalyst during refuelling at the gas station has been designed.


Added to the fuel in a proportion of 1:4000 changes the structure of hydrocarbon molecules easing the burning process by reducing the CVI index value.


The first-time industrial customers who are just starting use of the primary organic fuel catalyst MERGI™ PFT are offered a monthly test period. During this time we guarantee to reduce fuel consumption by 5% for distillate fuels and 4.4% for heavy residual fuels. In the absence of the above thresholds We will reimburse the costs incurred in optimization.

MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) is the primary organic fuel combustion catalyst.

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